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Vacuum generation plays a key role in refinery operations. The most common application of multi steam ejectors is in the distillation column of an oil refinery…

Our products are presented within petrochemical and chemical manufacturing. In order to achieve vacuum of process lines in chemical plants, SANADID supplies custom-made solutions…

Sanadid vacuum packages, steam jet and water jet vacuum ejectors are recognized ingredients in steam power plants. These equipments have been innovatived over the past years and …
In steel plants raw steel is refined during the secondary metallurgy in so-called RH plants (Ruhrstahl-Hereaus-Plants). The vacuum treatment in RH plants produces steels …

Sanadid vacuum systems are suitable for diverse process steps such as drying, distillation, fractionating as well as transesterification during production of edible oil processing, biodiesel …


The manufacture of paper requires an extremely careful and sensitive process control. Sanadid steam jet thermocompressors are a major factor for high product quality…