Sanadid vacuum systems are suitable for diverse process steps such as drying, distillation, fractionating as well as transesterification during production of edible oil processing, biodiesel, fatty acids, soaps and glycerine. In practically all important process stages for the production of mentioned issues, Sanadid steam jet vacuum pumps and vacuum systems are traditionally a guarantee for an energy - efficient and reliable vacuum creation.
Vacuum generation plays a key role in refinery operations. The most common application of multi steam ejectors is in the distillation column of an oil refinery.Vacuum distillation is used in oil refineries if long-chain hydrocarbons require Separation. By applying a vacuum column, the boiling point of the substances to be distilled is lowered, making separation of the hydrocarbons easier. Also in gas refineries vapor recovery proccessing can accomplish using ejector cycle with lower price and more efficiency results. In a petrol refineries particulary high demands are placed on vacuum systems used in this industrial area.
The manufacture of paper requires an extremely careful and sensitive process control. Sanadid steam jet thermocompressors are a major factor for high product quality. Advantages uniform distribution of temperature continuous steam recirculation in drying cylinder Products steam jet thermocompressors
Our products are presented within petrochemical and chemical manufacturing. In order to achieve vacuum of process lines in chemical plants, SANADID supplies custom-made solutions to meet the complex requirements in chemical engineering: suction pressure ranging down to 0.05 mbar, suction flows down to 0.5 kg/h. The SANADID technology including service and advice are essential components for plant stability and safe operation.Typical Application of our product in the petrochemical industrial include: Deaeration of Injection Water : Removal of oxygen from well injection water to help prevent corrosion and solids build-up in sub-surface formations. Degasification (Stabilizing) Crude Stock: Removing hydrocarbon gas and hydrogen sulfide from crude prior to bulk (atmospheric pressure) storage. Wash Water Deoxygenation :Removal of air and gasses from wash water used to remove dissolved salts from crude stock. Vacuum Distillation : The most common application for vacuum in a refinery; it prepares oil stock for “cracking” and the production of gasoline. Other vacuum distillation applications include lubricating oil production, bitumen and dewaxing. Hydrotreatment :The removal of contaminants from feed stocks and vacuum removal of water (drying) when steam stripping is used. Vacuum Stripping : Vacuum is used to strip and remove various components from product stocks, including gas oil drying, solvent removal from lubricating oils, furfural extraction and solvent dewaxing.
Sanadid vacuum packages, steam jet and water jet vacuum ejectors are recognized ingredients in steam power plants. These equipments have been innovatived over the past years and improved aggregates to lower energy consumption by optimising heat revovery in power stations.
In steel plants raw steel is refined during the secondary metallurgy in so-called RH plants (Ruhrstahl-Hereaus-Plants). The vacuum treatment in RH plants produces steels which will fulfil the highest demands in quality. For this the liquid steel is delivered in to a vacuum chamber where a considerable drop in pressure causes it to disintegrate in to the smallest of parts. This increase in surface area allows the smelt to degas to the best possible extent. The vacuum plants required for such processes must be reliable and able to suck off very large flow rates under the most difficult of conditions (dusty atmospheres, high temperatures). Advantages Hydrogen and nitrogen contents are reduced (steel is degassed). Deoxidation and decarbonisation take place down to the lowest carbon contents in the magnitude of 0,001 mass percent. Admixing of alloying contributions during the vacuum treatment. Products steam jet vacuum pumps multi-stage steam jet vacuum systems with mixing condensers


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