Petrochemical industry

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Petrochemical industry
Our products are presented within petrochemical and chemical manufacturing. In order to achieve vacuum of process lines in chemical plants, SANADID supplies custom-made solutions to meet the complex requirements in chemical engineering: suction pressure ranging down to 0.05 mbar, suction flows down to 0.5 kg/h. The SANADID technology including service and advice are essential components for plant stability and safe operation.Typical Application of our product in the petrochemical industrial include:

Deaeration of Injection Water : Removal of oxygen from well injection water to help prevent corrosion and solids build-up in sub-surface formations.

Degasification (Stabilizing) Crude Stock: Removing hydrocarbon gas and hydrogen sulfide from crude prior to bulk (atmospheric pressure) storage.

Wash Water Deoxygenation :Removal of air and gasses from wash water used to remove dissolved salts from crude stock.

Vacuum Distillation : The most common application for vacuum in a refinery; it prepares oil stock for “cracking” and the production of gasoline. Other vacuum distillation applications include lubricating oil production, bitumen and dewaxing.

Hydrotreatment :The removal of contaminants from feed stocks and vacuum removal of water (drying) when steam stripping is used.

Vacuum Stripping : Vacuum is used to strip and remove various components from product stocks, including gas oil drying, solvent removal from lubricating oils, furfural extraction and solvent dewaxing.


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